Wonder Woman

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Let me just say that while many genres have my sympathy, the superhero genre is usually not one of them. With the exception of Nolan’s Batman films, I find many superhero movies to be rather lukewarm with their predictable outcomes and action scenes for the sake of action. However, Wonder Woman blew away all of my expectations and more.

Winter: 3 Things I Learned

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Spring break is almost over, and I’ve spent half of it alone in my apartment, cleaning, sleeping, and relaxing. While it’s not most people’s idea of a senior year spring break, it’s given me time to think about what’s happened to me so far this year. 2017 certainly came ready to fight, and I leave winter quarter with a fair share of bruises. It’s been a season of sadness and rejection, but it’s also been a season of tremendous growth and change, and I wanted to share a little bit about it. Here are 3 things I learned this quarter: